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Retail Security

Retail Security


Do you require professional retail security services which give you peace of mind? Do you need retail security officers who are experienced, friendly, approachable and yet discreet?

Retail Security


At GCM Security Ltd, we provide a wide range of professional services to the retail sector, from retail security officers and mystery shoppers, to store detectives and undercover internal reporters.

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Our Retail Security Officers are:

  • Customer services orientated
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Alert, displaying an attitude of deter rather than detect
  • Discreet, with cognisance of how their actions affect public perception of the client
  • Professional in conduct at all times
  • Professional in appearance at all times including uniform and personal hygiene
  • Active in promoting and enforcing client rules and policies
  • Understanding that store managers are responsible for the store and therefore deserve the respect, support and attention.
  • Pro-active in liaising with local gardai and respected members of the community
  • Very much aware that retail security officers are ambassadors for the retail brands they represent as they can often be the first person your customer meets.



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All GCM Security Ltd Retail Security Officers are trained to FETAC Level 4 as part of their licence requirements.  All officers also undergo an in-house training programme covering the following areas:

> Health and Safety : Basic house keeping, maintenance records of safety equipment, fire corridors, fire exits & waste control.


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 > Customer Service: Handling customer complaints, conflict management, ethnic rights, equality rights, use of equipment for the physically disabled & customer perception.

> External Theft: Types of theft, ploys and disguises, methods of stealing, selecting and watching suspects, how to deter, how to effect an arrest, how to detain a suspect, how to interview a suspect, how to deal with Gardai on transfer of custody of suspect, false arrest & how to avoid it.

> Internal Theft: how to spot it, collusion, bag checks, locker checks, car inspection. Radio Etiquette: How to use a two-way radio, codes and discipline.

> Report Writing: Daily Log, Incident reports, fire log, log in and out book, notebook control and visitors book.

> Court attendance: How to give evidence, how to address the court, types of court.

> Access Control: Invitation to trade, Public perception, public safety, staff safety, own safety.

> Security Equipment: Use of CCTV, retention of service.

> Emergency Procedures: Bomb threat, incendiary search, power loss, evacuation, elevator / escalator / travelator emergency procedures.

To discuss your retail security requirements, please call us on 01-4505858 or email us using the contact form to the right of the page.


Retail Security and Mystery Shopping:

Our fully trained operatives enter stores posing as ordinary customers.  They then report back on their whole shopping experience in store within 24 hours of the visit, scoring the visit in an agreed fashion.

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 The report will include focus on till procedures, cash integrity, customer service, merchandising and can include scenarios devised in conjunction with the client.

Our reporting system then takes that information & collates it into league tables showing the highest and the lowest performing stores as well as summary reports showing which aspects of training are scoring below average.

This allows our clients to identify and dedicate the correct type of training, to the stores which need it the most, rather than trying to complete training over and over again in all stores.

Where our test purchasing visits identify an incident of staff dishonestly we provide full back up programme of advice and procedures for dealing with the matter to it’s conclusion, including full investigation, gathering of evidence, staff interviewing and court attendance at prosecution if necessary.

To discuss your retail security requirements, please call us on 01-4505858 or email us using the contact form to the right of the page.


Retail Security and Roaming Store Detectives:

The perception of full time cover, for part time costs. Our Roaming Store Detective service has proven to be a success for retailers where they may only require two or three visits per month in any particular store.

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 You get the benefit of criminals & staff becoming aware that security operates in the store without the cost of having full time operatives on duty. Our store detectives pride themselves on the amount of arrests they can achieve in particular stores on any given say & are target driven, thus showing the client value for their investment in security.  This is a nationwide service and whilst we require 8 hours as a minimum shift, there is no minimum amount of days in a month that the service must be used.  We charge a base rater for this service with no extra cost for travel etc. accrued by the client.  All incident reports are entered each day and are available to the client head office within 48 hours of the event.

To discuss your retail security requirements, please call us on 01-4505858 or email us using the contact form to the right of the page.

Undercover Internal Reporters:

It can be difficult to get to the bottom of internal theft in a store if more than one member of staff is colluding with others to ensure all are getting a share of the spoils of the stolen goods or cash.

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 Test Purchasing works, but only if the problem is related to the direct theft of cash by an employee from the cash point. Covert camera works, but only if it happens to be pointing at the exact spot the stock or cash was taken from.

If you have a large internal theft problem, the best solution is to have an undercover operative on staff. This can be enhanced using other security methods as mentioned above. An undercover operative working as a member of staff over a number of shifts builds up a rapport and a trust with colleagues.  Our reporters are trained to ask the right questions and to place themselves in the right scenarios to become part of any dishonest clique that operates in the store (without being obvious).

The Information gained through an undercover operative allows us to specifically monitor scenarios using surveillance technical or physical to gain evidence submittable for prosecution.

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To discuss your retail security requirements with us, please call 01-4505858 or email us using the contact form to the right of the page.[/learn_more]


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Martin Blacker, General Manager
Martin Blacker, General Manager 53 Degrees North
We are delighted with the service that we get from Gary and his team in GCM. We haven’t had a single issue since hiring GCM 2 years ago.
Rhiannon Murphy, College Director
Rhiannon Murphy, College Director PCI College, Ireland
PCI College have been working with GCM Security for over a year and have experienced a superbly managed company with an exemplary approach to business and security. I have no hesitation is recommending GCM Security and Gary Murphy to any organisation big or small.